vBulletin's Creators Jelsoft Aquired - The Future Looks Grim

I started off the day feeling good as I have completed the server move for all my websites (to a faster server), putting in a support ticket to drupal for help with a problem, but then just a few minutes ago, I get this message Jelsoft's future: acquisition news when I visit the news forum of vBulletin. The best forum software around, has been acquired! Sure it sounds all good and dandy, but in the short and long term this is not good news at all.

The price of $160 per license, which has never gone up will 100% go up and even way up (double, triple, quadruple)? People have said it's worth allot more. The $30/yr members access which gives you access to all upgrades even when a full version upgrade happens? That price will go up along with having to pay an "upgrade price" for a full version upgrade. The quality of the product? That could also start to slip as the parent company imposes deadlines and puts it's competing products first. It sure does look like vBulletin's rain as the #1 forum software around since 2000 is coming to a close.