Family Guy Season Final Back to the Future parody makes it the best episode ever!

Well I just finished watching Family Guy season 5 episode 18 which is the season final. At first when I saw the chalk board scene I was (oh brother a Back to the Future knock off), but by the end of the show, I couldn't stop laughing and this episode is now my favorite episode!

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Upgrade Arrives

After 9 years and 5 upgrades I have finally upgraded my ancient copy of Photoshop 4 (with 5 upgrade, but since it didn't provide a new serial number only 4 counts) to Photoshop CS3. But it wasn't as simple as you would expect. You see Photoshop CS3 upgrade only allows you to upgrade from Photoshop 7, CS1 or CS2 upgrade or full retail copies. So how was I able to upgrade my ancient copy of Photoshop? Read on and you will find out, and it was 100% legal.


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