Boy am I anti Commercialization and sexzation of the world tonight!!!

After watching the second last episode of the season of "The Simpsons", as well as the second last episode of The Simpsons (as well as a quite a few other TV shows I will never be watching ever again come May 19 my 31st Birthday) Lisa yelled it even louder then ever! I am sick of commercialization and sexzation of thing to get you to buy, excite your hormones, make women the slave of the man and so on!!! I have always beaten down a different path them the majority (and am a Mac user as well as a lefty).

I Don't Watch Movie's the way Everyone else Watches…


Tonight as I was watching "17 Again", I am reminded of how I watch movies from a completely different perspective them a high majority of everyone else who goes and sees the same movie. A majority of everyone else seeing the same movie is there because they:


I Need to Take Action

I really need to stop thinking about writing about my life, and actually start writing about my life on my blog every day. I know what I want to share with you the reader, but I am always making excuses for not writing out my thoughts. I want to write about what I want in a relationship with a women, my values and believes about life, how I want to build a active lifestyle and get away from the cancer called Television. I need to take action and stop sitting around and doing nothing! Life is short and I need to make the most of every single day, hour and minute.

And so it begins…Analog to Digital - Video camera

Last night when talking with my mom, I got the green light to start official research for replacing our 1994 Sony Handycam Video8/8mm with a High Definition camera! Note: that the camera was last used in 1999 and retired at Christmas with 90 seconds of Christmas 1999 (tape ran out GRRR). This is excellent news! I am requesting the usual budget of $1,500 which we spent on the 1992 camera and 1994 replacement camera (with taxes and extras) for the stolen 1992 camera (of course the budget includes taxes, extra battery and memory).

What Makes You re-Think "Am I really in Control of My Life?"

Like many other times, tonight again I was confronted with the question "Am I really in control of my life, am I living my life the way I want to, am I living life to the fullest?" Again as previous time the answer is "No." Why do I refuse to listen to these cries from life, why do I not listen to life pushing me around?

What is my real passion in life, What do I truly want to be doing?

Stephen King said "get busy living or get busy dying." I heard the quote in "Shawshank Redemption" when Red said said it to Andy in the yard the day Andy broke out of Prison.

The Ups and Downs

Life has it's up's and downs. Life is a journey - a road that has many bumpy parts and down right terrifying parts…

Speaking with my Aunt Ross, her brother in-law my Uncle, is in a real pain, but now peaceful in the hospital. They are making like he is on his death bed. He's not fully recovered from his last operation to remove a tumor and then was told more cancer was back, but needed to build his strength before jemo could start…

MDD G4 retirement

It's official, I am not going to be using my MDD June 2003 as a file server, so it's retirement is official now, except for accessing OS 9 and 10.2 - 10.5 for Mac Phone Support phone calls (need one on one Mac support call 888.650.6504 pay per use, billed at $15 for the first 20 minutes of service then $10 per 10 minute block after that.

It's official, my first photo used for the masses to see

The Giz Wiz has used a photo of something I've wanted to send to Dick for almost 2 years now. You can see it at The Giz Wiz site. This is my second "Tear Sheet" as they call it. My first was for the organization "Gateway Society" who contracts out people to take care of disabled people. So they used my photo. Now my second photo to be used, is being shown to hundreds of thousands thanks to the Giz Wiz. Enter the "What the Heck is IT" contest and if you guess right, you could win an Autographed MAD Magazine.

How far should I go in avoiding TV?

Over the past 3 years, I have drastically cut back my TV time. From watching anything remotely interesting to me from 8-11PM+ (and the late movie) to watching everything on dommand, to watching on my computer since July (as my TV is dead with 1/5 - 1/3 the image missing and warped. But should I go all the way to no TV at all period?


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