That's the final straw TV and media made for masses is truly dead to me!

First I binged this week and gained 3lbs (catching on up Fringe while eating cookies I am so disgusted with myself. I didn't even have the courage to tell my girlfriend). Then just now I finished watching "The Biggest Loser" and am so fucking disgusted Arthur who lost 16lbs second biggest loser of the week was sent home purely because the rest of the team he was forced onto due to finishing last in a 5km run put there team and money ahead of someone who needed to be surrounded by aggressive trainers and a great support team. To me this is the death nail in all mass media for me (TV, news (print and TV), Movies, etc). I want to be surrounded by positive energy that isn't about making you sit down at a scheduled time and doing what some media empire tells you to do. Instead I am going to do what I want when I want and ignore all stuff that doesn't interest me. Who cares who's in a movie that ruins a movie for me instantly. Who cares what "Radio" shoves down peoples throats to burn it into their brain by playing it every 2 hours so you are trained to like it. There are millions of music and actors/actresses outside of the A list and signed musicians. I am done being told what to do (and I choose to like Apple and am no longer swayed by Apple Events, I now see past the smoke and look for what "truly" is going to make a big difference to me in my life like streaming music from iTunes on my computer to my iPhone docked on my borrowed AudioStation in full loss-less quality. That's what's going to make a difference in my day to day life).