425 Pounds - The Weight Loss Journey begins Now

Though I last weighed in on December 15 (and would have weighed in tonight had I weighed myself at the pool when I got there and found out it was closed, this is my last known weight. Monday I will see if I have lost anymore weight in the last month. Though this is the primary measurement of weight loss, for me it is drastically amplified as I have cerebral palsy which give me weaker stomach/back muscle, tight ham strings etc.

The second way I want to measure my progress is through how long I can stand and how long I can walk for before pain in my back/legs etc sets in. Today this is measured in 1-2 minutes standing/50 meters of walking. Another area that I will measure progress is in my diet which is also worse them most due to my autism which makes me extremely sensitive to smell/taste/texture in foods. This combination creates an extreme challenge and will make my journey to healthiness a whole lot more challenging. Join me won't you on this journey and help keep me going, through the good and bad times. My goal will be to post a daily blog entry for how I have done each day.