I joined DropBox

Ok so after I learned that iDisk (part of MobileMe) strips files of their creation date, as well as changing the file modification date to time of file being copied over to iDisk, I stopped my transition of moving all my files to my iDisk, which in the past week has been maxing out my Internet collection on both uploads and downloads. I will still continue to use my iDisk for purposes where I am not storing the only copy of a file on it, as well as will still encourage my mom to use it for her photo galleries thanks to the integration with iPhoto and offering an advertising free photo page.

Why did I choose Dropbox?

I chose Dropbox as I have heard allot about it. There is a free 2GB account along with an additional 250MB signup bonus if you use a referral link, along with the referrer getting an additional 250MB of space, upto a maximum of 3GB. This means, if you signup using my referral link as well as complete 5 of the getting started steps, you will get an additional 500MB. 250MB signup bonus+250MB for completing 5 of the getting started steps

I am only heavily testing Dropbox for the next few months. I am going to put it through it's paces and see if it can truly be used as a cloud drive, while surviving a clean Library folder. Why would it need to survive a Library folder deletion? Well allot of Applications store files I need to keep in the Library folder. So I hope Symbolic links along with a "Dropbox" shell script to restore the Symbolic links will work.

What can Dropbox do for me beyond file storage?

  • Collaborate by sharing a particular folder/document with another Dropbox user
  • Public folder to share files with the world via a website link
  • un-delete a deleted file
  • File versioning, everytime a file is saved, a version of it is saved allowing you to go back in time
  • Works across Mac, Windows and Linux

Hope this helps you to decide if dropbox is right for you.