A New Month, a New Week, a New Day, A New Life

Watching hopefully my last TV show (again) and enjoying chocolate from left overs from Halloween, again I question, why am I wasting my time with this crap? I want to look how I was when I was 15. Thin, extremely active, full of life, and TV wasn't controlling me. One approach I need extensive help with, would entail getting up each morning, going to the gym and working out until I was bored or exhausted from working out. Each day I would do things completely randomly to prevent my body from settling into a routine. After this workout, I wouldn't stop there. I would have breakfast, go out and photography/videograph things, come home process the photos/videos from the day, go to evening swimming arobics on Monday's and Wednesday and morning class on Saturdays.

My goal with this aggressive no crap food, no TV, no de-motovating stuff would be to loose 10-20lbs/month over a max of 2 years, until I have reached 185lbs with a waist size of 32-34 max. Upon reaching my ideal weight, I won't just stop working out as that will bring back the weight, but adjust it into normal workouts/excerise to maintain that weight, muscle, and low fat. This will be a very agreesive program and won't be easy or cheap. Starting after the Olympics, I want to go to a full course load for classes hopefully funded via Finance services at Langara College. This will be 3 3hr courses each week and won't be a problem for me, as they will be a mixture of classes and the workload shouldn't be that hard.

I will primarily be focusing on the Photography Certificate Program, and might start blending on other courses Graphics theory, typography, and other courses that will help me build my long term goal of creating Harrison Media LLC/Inc an unbrella comapny to handle the many projects I wish to do in my lifetime. Friends and Family Web Hosting - helping out my friends and family with top notch web hosting services without all the crap a high majority of shared hosting providers put on their servers to meet everyones needs. These projects include Mac Phone support via the phone and screensharing, as well as my varies websites which are around documentiing varies histories (Microcell Fido as an example who changed the cellphone market in Canada), to my how-to/tutorial sites, to my trans/ferry travel photo/video blogs. I also will throw in in person consulting as well to provide myself a free lifestyle that will allow me to attend events related to things I want to document as a top priority as once the event happens, it's lost to history.