TV I have finally murdered you, you can never return to my life

Minutes ago, I watched my last TV Show I will never watch, though it wasn't through cable, satellite, over the air, or any other traditional way, but as a download from usenet, that show is the final show I will ever watch of television. Television to me is a cancar, a death sentence, it sucks you in…then once you are glued to it's programming, it slowly starts to take control of your life. First using it's advertising to change your mind set that you must eat chips, drink pop, eat other junk food. Then it tells you what you are going to do when, how you must rush home from work, get a TV dinner and sit in front of it's glaring eyes and stay there until you pass out in front of it.

TV isn't my friend, it isn't my buddy, it isn't something I require. All it is is a cancer, decease, murderer, death sentence that I have finally escaped the grasps of.

No longer will I desperately be searching usenet for a movie to watch, or a show to watch, so I can sit in front of my computer monitor with POP chips, and other junkfood in hand so I can waste away time until I go to bed. No longer will I be panicking that I don't have any junk food around and can't watch that show I must watch until I have that required food. No longer will I hear your cries for me to buy stuff that I don't need, want, or care about. No longer will you use mans equal in life the woman as an object, non human, piece of meat to pull me into the jaws of your mouth. no more.

3 years or so ago, I escaped your scheduling of my life thanks to bittorrent and a S-Video out on my MDD G4 to my 1991 26" Toshiba TV. Now I was saying when I would watch what I wanted. Then I stopped watching the late night movies so I had something to do until my bedtime of 3AM. Then over the coarse of early 2008, my TV start warping the image and a black bar took up a third of the lower part of the TV and would eventually only take a fifth of the screen after it warmed up, but July 2008, I turned off my TV for the last time and thought, that this would mark the end of television for me! But it didn't, I came back from 3 weeks with my mom at her place (of course watching her new HD TV) and started watching anything I could find on Usenet (which I had switched to in early 2006) and was paying for each month. Then at the end of November I stopped paying for usenet and thought I had won the battle, but then I discovered a workaround so I could watch Hulu from Canada, and caught up on the shows I had missed.

Then my Internet Service Provider outsourced their terrible hours at most retention usenet and now provided 30 day reliable retention. TV had once again grabbed my by the ankles and pulled me in. Since it was mid-season this also made it allot harder to say "Your Fired" to the Television and it's horrors.

Now tonight May 18, 2009 with the last show ended for the season, 5 shows I watched cancelled (yes). I am cutting off the head of this monster called Television and saving myself from this cancer/death trap called TV…