Boy am I anti Commercialization and sexzation of the world tonight!!!

After watching the second last episode of the season of "The Simpsons", as well as the second last episode of The Simpsons (as well as a quite a few other TV shows I will never be watching ever again come May 19 my 31st Birthday) Lisa yelled it even louder then ever! I am sick of commercialization and sexzation of thing to get you to buy, excite your hormones, make women the slave of the man and so on!!! I have always beaten down a different path them the majority (and am a Mac user as well as a lefty). I now know more then ever that the few idea's of my dream home/place to live, I am being prepared for and guided towards. 

Maybe this was my first or second idea, not really sure. I want to live as far away from society as possible in a cooler climate (maybe this instict is to protect my future family and I from the enviable nuclear war that will happen as a revenge for someone killing someone or oil or something. My beautiful fully self sustaining house would be free of electronics of all kinds to protect us against all the junk of them. Then I would have the "communications lair" which would be fully shielded to protect the outside and us from the generated energies or whatever of the computers, recording gear, phone, satellite equipment etc (yes I will still need to generate an income and keep in touch with the world, process my photos and videos, continue to listen to my podcasts I love etc).

The other idea I had was based on preserving history. buy a big piece of land, hollow out a huge cave to store the full history of the Harrison Family going back generations. Maybe the third idea was part of this, but it's around building a house that has a gym, offices all in the house or one the property to completely eleminate commuting, so that my family and I can do what we want when we want. I would get up in the morning, do a full 2hr workout, have breakfast an then walk into the office all in under 2 1/2hrs daily. Of course I came up with this idea years ago, and now need to account for my love of Photography and videography. I also would absolutely have a nice big 5 manual AGP spec pipe organ as that is my favorite instrument of all time. 

Now lets talk about the finding the love of your life! Everywhere you look it's all about how thin she is, how if she's not wearing makeup she isn't isn't beautiful, calling a girl a girl, babe, hotstuck, chick, etc they love that stuff!!! Boy does that piss me off and is why I am 31, still a virgin only kissed one girl on Friday October 8, 1993. What I want to see in the women who I will love forever is she hates smokers, doesn't drink, do drugs, doesn't believe in makeup and all that other crap women have to use, also beats a different path like me. I am not crazy, I just am fedup with the cancer TV is and all it has brainwashed me to do.
Now lets talk about kids and commercialization! Fred Rogers did it right, he debranded everything, never ever sold out like Sesame Street. All this kids stuff today is purely based on making as much money as possible and hooking kids on the comanies drug for life! Man I am just warming up!!!