I Don't Watch Movie's the way Everyone else Watches…


Tonight as I was watching "17 Again", I am reminded of how I watch movies from a completely different perspective them a high majority of everyone else who goes and sees the same movie. A majority of everyone else seeing the same movie is there because they:


  1. Like/love the actors in the movie
  2. Are trying to impress someone and try and get laid after
Some reason that I as well as a majority of others are seeing the movie for:
  1. Special Effects
  2. Cinematography
  3. Soundtrack/ Symphony score
Here is why I go to a movie in a theatre:
  1. Loose myself in the movie
  2. Learn from the message the movie is speaking
  3. The cartoon or book the movie is based on has an extremely strong back story that shows you how it got started
What I find happens by the end of most movies I see for the message, my head is crystal clear, and I want to change my life and clear the crap out of my body and mind (TV, Junk Food, etc). The problem is though, my mind gets re-polluted by the time I've woken up the next day.