And so it begins…Analog to Digital - Video camera

Last night when talking with my mom, I got the green light to start official research for replacing our 1994 Sony Handycam Video8/8mm with a High Definition camera! Note: that the camera was last used in 1999 and retired at Christmas with 90 seconds of Christmas 1999 (tape ran out GRRR). This is excellent news! I am requesting the usual budget of $1,500 which we spent on the 1992 camera and 1994 replacement camera (with taxes and extras) for the stolen 1992 camera (of course the budget includes taxes, extra battery and memory).

I've started writing up background information on our current camera, and HDV vs. AVCHD for her to compare the 2 formats. Then I need to do up my "requirements list" so the camera won't have to be replaced until 2015 at the earliest (of course my next Nikon DSLR body will have HD 1080p video capabilities which will slaughter the camera we are researching now. Of course if we went with a D90 or D400, it would be extremely difficult to share it, so it's probably best we have a dedicated HD video camera.

Of course I haven't fully disclosed the duplicate backup system that is required for going tapeless (well I also need backup for my current 1.8TB in data (900GB if Video8/8mm tapes, iSight video, and a couple test VHS digitizings). My recommendation at present, is a eSATA/gigabit (without DroboShare) $550CDN (when it hopefully comes out this summer) with 2x2TB drives, which will allow safe storage of all the analog videos, as well as about 40hrs of HDV or 50hrs of AVC in RAW tape/Virtual tape. I will then use the 1TB old tape storage as a scratch for video editing. Some good news in all of this, is that I will be able to learn filming skills as well as editing skills.

Hopefully I will get the camera allot, so I can go out film ferry trips, transit, my hush hush project this winter, etc. My mom will use it for her trips, and not sure what else. Then she hands off the drive of video to me, and I get to edit it all. Exciting times ahead.