MDD G4 retirement

It's official, I am not going to be using my MDD June 2003 as a file server, so it's retirement is official now, except for accessing OS 9 and 10.2 - 10.5 for Mac Phone Support phone calls (need one on one Mac support call 888.650.6504 pay per use, billed at $15 for the first 20 minutes of service then $10 per 10 minute block after that.

So now my G4 will be used for older OS and App access only, just too bad the 2x320GB's PATA can't be used in the Mac Pro or in external enclosures cost effectively (since any new drives I buy are going to be SATA vs PATA). This is a sad day as this becomes official as Damien has finally driven it home to retire it from all services including server duty. Still I will get that Airport Extreme with gigabit networking for accessing it when I do need it for older OS access and maybe DVD burning (though Toast 8 and newer versions require a connected display (so I also need a KVM)).

What I also need is an income source this year. Hopefully I can create some momentum and get some ideas going that I've had for a long time.