Adobe Photoshop CS3 Upgrade Arrives

After 9 years and 5 upgrades I have finally upgraded my ancient copy of Photoshop 4 (with 5 upgrade, but since it didn't provide a new serial number only 4 counts) to Photoshop CS3. But it wasn't as simple as you would expect. You see Photoshop CS3 upgrade only allows you to upgrade from Photoshop 7, CS1 or CS2 upgrade or full retail copies. So how was I able to upgrade my ancient copy of Photoshop? Read on and you will find out, and it was 100% legal.

Early last year when I first heard about CS3, I then decided that this spring I would take the plunge and upgrade my ancient copy of Photoshop 4 to CS3. Having read upgrade requirements over the years, I had learned as long as you have any full retail copy of Photoshop, you are eligible to upgrade to get the upgrade version of Photoshop. Fast forward to when CS3 was announce and I go and look at the Photoshop CS3 upgrade requirements to be angered that I must have Photoshop 7, CS1 or CS2 upgrade or retail to be eligible for Photoshop CS3 upgrade! A week ago Monday I decided to call up adobe sales to see what could be done. They said right off the bat "Sorry you will have to buy a full copy of Photoshop." I said fine I will go to your competition. I started searching on the web for Photoshop CS2 upgrade to see if I could still get a copy of then and then wait until CS4 to get the Universal Intel version, since I couldn't afford to be double billed for 2 upgrades.

The first hit on Google showed Adobe still sold Photoshop CS2 upgrade (conveniently(?) you can't find it using Adobe's search) through their web-store for $169 (a full $30 cheaper then Photoshop CS3 upgrade). I can't remember how I found this or thought up the idea but I found out about Adobe's post announcement free upgrade program which entitles anyone who bought Photoshop CS2 (or any other CS2 product) from March 27, 2007 to June 25, 2007, to a free CS3 version of the same product. This was excellent news! So after having to create a new Adobe account (the country for my old account was set to the US not Canada (no clue why)), I placed an order for Photoshop CS2 upgrade Wednesday afternoon and got the download version.

Wednesday evening I called up Adobe sales and asked about the free Photoshop CS3 upgrade and they looked up my order (big advantage to ordering via Adobe's store since it saves having to fax in proof of purchase etc). They said I was eligible and the order was placed with a $21 shipping charge. Monday Photoshop CS3 upgrade arrived and I am now once again current with Photoshop.

Just remember that this special deal for anyone with a pre Photoshop 7 or any other dated versions of Adobe (and Macromedia?) products better act on this deal while it lasts. You only have until June 25, 2007