July 8 Marks the end of Junk Food and TV for me (for ever?)

Today I am 400lbs, but by the end of the year…who knows. Tuesday July 8, 2008 will be my last night of TV as well as my last night for POP, Chips, Chocolate, Candy, Pizza, etc. My TV's vertical capacitor started to go last year which caused people to look like Pin Heads as you can see in the below example of a perfectly round earth…which isn't so round. This will be a huge change in my life and I invite you to ready my daily postings on my progress, my frustrations, and so on.

Not only am I quitting Junk Food and TV, I am also trying to reduce the amount of butter I use to almost zero. This means no more sandwiches, no more KD, or anything else that requires butter. On top of all that, I need to figure out how I am going to fill my time, now that I have no TV as well as being un-employed and broke as I am on permanent disability.

This will be a long term lifestyle change, and I expect it to take a good 2 years, before I am below 250lbs as well as fully detoxed from all this garbage I've been eating for 30 years. I am not 30, and it's time to change my life for the better.