I've been mis-informted way too much when trying to get an iPhone

Saturday I call up Fido to see if I can get an iPhone in store. I am told yes. I then go to the local store, wait half an hour in line, then am told "sorry you must order over the phone." I said I had been told I could get it in store so they call in (another 30 minutes on hold) and am told the same thing, but they can order it for me over the phone.

Fine. So I ask for the 16GB Black and am told it will be 2-3 business days so I ask to ship to where I am until Friday and am told I can change it back if needed. I am also told there is stock of the 16GB black and at the latest I will receive it by September 23.

What they completely failed to tell me as I found out a few minutes ago, was that first. They never had any stock and filled out paperwork for depleted stock (they did say they were filling out paper work when the women at the Fido store was on the phone), and mow I can't change the address back to my home address since I leave here Friday and no one will be here after that for a week or so.

I am then told I have to call UPS to change the address, but can't do so until the iPhone ships. I ask to speak to a supervisor and he is able to change the address back to my home address (the CSR said that was impossible). So now we will see, and also see if I get the shipping notification e-mail prior to it arriving, so I can make sure the address is correct.