How far should I go in avoiding TV?

Over the past 3 years, I have drastically cut back my TV time. From watching anything remotely interesting to me from 8-11PM+ (and the late movie) to watching everything on dommand, to watching on my computer since July (as my TV is dead with 1/5 - 1/3 the image missing and warped. But should I go all the way to no TV at all period?

If I gave up TV 100% (including not looking at the TV upstairs which isn't mine, nor my moms TV when at her place), I would stop eating chips, candy, and drinking pop. I would also have a good 40-60hrs more time a month including searching for shows to watch on usenet (especially documentaries), time spent thinking about what to watch, and of course the actual time watching the programs.

On the flip side, I would miss out on shows I like (which I should easily be able to watch at a later date), I wouldn't see any of the documenteries I love to watch (MegaStructures, MegaCities, and other stuff on National Geographics and Discovery that I find to download). One example is the "World's biggest fixes - Nuclear power plant generate replacement." or how UPS works, and so on.

This is really a tough decision, but if I stopped TV, I would save money in junk food as well as usenet fees. I would save time, but then I would miss out on stuff. I just don't know what to do. After a year without TV, I sure think my life would be drastically different (for the better?), but then again I could be bored out of my mind. What to do…what to do.