Freedom Writers

Society warehouses the youth either being disabled, in the poor part of town, etc since they are required to stay in school. Freedom Writers shows how a teacher took the youth who where warehoused because they where the lowest grades and got them interested in education and wanting to learn. She did it differently and faced allot of red tape in doing so.

This movie in my opinion drives a nail home and sends a very powerful message. These types of movies get you thinking and are my favorite movies.

This made me think back to my K-12 years and how I was warehoused, but had a teacher Diane Heine who in my grade 9 year took over the "Secondary Strategies" program and turned it around. I was encouraged to try grade 8 English that year and did so, but failed I am told. The following years grade 10 and 11 I didn't take amy regular classes even though I was encouraged to. It wasn't until my Senior year that I came to my senses and when I asked to take regular classes, I was told to drop out of school and get a G.E.D. as I required 2 years of regular classes to graduate.

My Senior year wasn't good in many ways as I was kicked out of the Photography class (forgot the name) as another disabled student during the first time in the dark room turned on the light destroying everyones negatives. I had been called away at the time but during the first part of that days class I tried to open the film container which held up everyone but could and eventually asked for help. Long story short, I dropped the class after being "kicked out" to do it separately. There are many good/bad stories and I will dedicated a section of my website to them as I should tell them.

Eleven years later and I feel I still haven't gotten anywhere. I am 400lbs and need a focus in life. Since I am on permanent disability, it's hard to get off as it's a trap. I have also come to realize I don't want to follow the crowd, but do my own thing in life, but I do need money. Freedom Writers has got me thinking about life and that is the best kind of movie.