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I've been mis-informted way too much when trying to get an iPhone

Saturday I call up Fido to see if I can get an iPhone in store. I am told yes. I then go to the local store, wait half an hour in line, then am told "sorry you must order over the phone." I said I had been told I could get it in store so they call in (another 30 minutes on hold) and am told the same thing, but they can order it for me over the phone.

Just 3 days and my 1991 Toshiba (27" or 29") TV will be gone!

I am getting so excited at the prospect of my 17yr old TV - a fall 1991 Toshiba 27" or 29" TV going. Well actually I go away for 3 weeks, but when I get back I don't want to see it. It is going to really help open up my 20x10 bedroom I get with my room and board. I am getting so excited. I also will be putting my Mac Pro on a side table beside my desk to get it off my desk to open my desk up as well. Exciting times ahead.

July 8 Marks the end of Junk Food and TV for me (for ever?)

Today I am 400lbs, but by the end of the year…who knows. Tuesday July 8, 2008 will be my last night of TV as well as my last night for POP, Chips, Chocolate, Candy, Pizza, etc. My TV's vertical capacitor started to go last year which caused people to look like Pin Heads as you can see in the below example of a perfectly round earth…which isn't so round. This will be a huge change in my life and I invite you to ready my daily postings on my progress, my frustrations, and so on.

iMac in 2009 Summer instead of Mac Pro?

This morning I was talking with my mom about my G4 MDD replacement for her place. You see I stay at her place every 4th week. In March 2007, she said she didn't want to share her computer when I was at her place, so she wanted me to have my own computer for her place. In the end I got a Mac Pro, but for my place and moving the G4 to her place.

Stephen Fry and the Gutenberg Press

I just finished watching this incredible documentary about Stephen Fry's journey to print one single sided page of the bible, the way it was first printed in the 1400's. The documentary was extremely well edited and really pulls you into Stephen Fry's Journey. I felt like I was there, and has made me really think about life and what I am really passionate about.

Added a link to Facebook profile

I have added a link at the top of all pages to my Facebook profile. If your friends or family request to add me as a friend. I look forward to adding all my friends and family.

I am breaking down and joining FaceBook

I prefer to do all my sites in house excluding Photo Hosting as doing it reliably is extremely expensive. I use a photo hosting specialist Smugmug. But for everything else, I do it myself on my own server, but I am going to use FaceBook so I can find all my past and present friends. Of course my FaceBook Profile will be private as I will give allot of personal contact info for my Friends and Family to view.

Cya on the other side.

For the first time ever QuickTime and applications depending on QuickTime can now play AVI files with Embedded MP3's

This is so amazing I downloaded the Concert for Diana videos for my mom (she asked for them) and QuickTIme wouldn't play them. This would be fine since VLC/MPlayer does, except I needed to make a DVD. Since I use Toast 8 and it requires QuickTIme for the Codecs to convert video/audio, I have been unable until tonight to be able to to convert an avi file with embedded MP3, even with Toast 8 DivX plugin as well as DivX player (Spyware, don't have installed). Perian solves this problem and can now rplay any format that VLC/MPlayer can play (I hope).

vBulletin's Creators Jelsoft Aquired - The Future Looks Grim

I started off the day feeling good as I have completed the server move for all my websites (to a faster server), putting in a support ticket to drupal for help with a problem, but then just a few minutes ago, I get this message Jelsoft's future: acquisition news when I visit the news forum of vBulletin. The best forum software around, has been acquired! Sure it sounds all good and dandy, but in the short and long term this is not good news at all.

Freedom Writers

Society warehouses the youth either being disabled, in the poor part of town, etc since they are required to stay in school. Freedom Writers shows how a teacher took the youth who where warehoused because they where the lowest grades and got them interested in education and wanting to learn. She did it differently and faced allot of red tape in doing so.

This movie in my opinion drives a nail home and sends a very powerful message. These types of movies get you thinking and are my favorite movies.


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