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I want and must change my life before it's too late. Steve Jobs passed away today at 56

A Visionary, a mentor, a different way of thinking. That is who Steve Jobs was. The most important person of our time has died at 56, and I don't want to follow him and die young. I want to use his death to anger me into change…into living my life with meaning and purpose. I don't want to do the crap I have been doing up til today I want to change and change now.

I must be held Legally Accountable for My Extremely Harmful Acts

Spent 3hrs waiting for The Biggest Loser just so I could eat a jumbo plate of Nachos with Cheese and beef on them. Letting the beef simmer for 3hrs I am so ashamed of myself.

I through 60% of the plate away+40% of the cookie I bought on Monday evening. I lost my girlfriend because of these choices and now I need to be help extremely accountable for my poor decisions.

Monday I weighed in at 395lbs, I must be at below 380lbs on my 33rd Birthday on May 19 and I must be below 340lbs on October 19 - one -year to the day that I weighed myself after moving into my own place

That's the final straw TV and media made for masses is truly dead to me!

First I binged this week and gained 3lbs (catching on up Fringe while eating cookies I am so disgusted with myself. I didn't even have the courage to tell my girlfriend). Then just now I finished watching "The Biggest Loser" and am so fucking disgusted Arthur who lost 16lbs second biggest loser of the week was sent home purely because the rest of the team he was forced onto due to finishing last in a 5km run put there team and money ahead of someone who needed to be surrounded by aggressive trainers and a great support team.

6 pounds in one week without trying

Weighing in at the pool on January 10, the scale said 421lbs. a loss of 4lbs in 23 days. On the low end but a good start considering I did no swimming since December 18. But the bigger surprise came this Monday January 17 at my weigh in…416lbs another 5 pounds in one week! This seems too good to be true, but my girlfriend says this is normal considering I have improved my lunch and dinners the past week (by my standards). Will the big weight loss continue? My mom says my father could loose 20lbs a month with just eating healthy, so I could also be doing that with my new diet.

Day 2 - I watched TV and still hate it

I watch Season 11 last night and tonight Season 9 (and didn't finish it) episode 1 and the show is so fake it makes me sick. This is a prime example of how TV a cancer and very dangerous.

Wednesday I had a bowl of chicken noodle soup along with 2 pieces of bread, 2 slices of ham and 2 cheese slices with my girlfriend. For dinner I had half a cup of over cook (too soft even for me) of green beans and some cod fish which physical was having trouble eating and had to have a granola bar after so I my mouth and stomach would feel better.

425 Pounds - The Weight Loss Journey begins Now

Though I last weighed in on December 15 (and would have weighed in tonight had I weighed myself at the pool when I got there and found out it was closed, this is my last known weight. Monday I will see if I have lost anymore weight in the last month. Though this is the primary measurement of weight loss, for me it is drastically amplified as I have cerebral palsy which give me weaker stomach/back muscle, tight ham strings etc.

"Inception" The Subliminal Message

Wednesday evening I saw inception after…actually I am not sure what got me to re-evaluate wanting to see it again. As with all movies, I look for movies were the writer puts in a subtle message that is a leason in life or something that gets you think/your mind energized. Some movies have a very strong message that really gets you going, while others have a message that doesn't stick. Inception's message though, is a very subliminal message and even goes as far as being a way to recruit people to the science of the mind. That is one very powerful subliminal message.

I joined DropBox

Ok so after I learned that iDisk (part of MobileMe) strips files of their creation date, as well as changing the file modification date to time of file being copied over to iDisk, I stopped my transition of moving all my files to my iDisk, which in the past week has been maxing out my Internet collection on both uploads and downloads. I will still continue to use my iDisk for purposes where I am not storing the only copy of a file on it, as well as will still encourage my mom to use it for her photo galleries thanks to the integration with iPhoto and offering an advertising free photo page.

A New Month, a New Week, a New Day, A New Life

Watching hopefully my last TV show (again) and enjoying chocolate from left overs from Halloween, again I question, why am I wasting my time with this crap? I want to look how I was when I was 15. Thin, extremely active, full of life, and TV wasn't controlling me. One approach I need extensive help with, would entail getting up each morning, going to the gym and working out until I was bored or exhausted from working out. Each day I would do things completely randomly to prevent my body from settling into a routine. After this workout, I wouldn't stop there.

TV I have finally murdered you, you can never return to my life

Minutes ago, I watched my last TV Show I will never watch, though it wasn't through cable, satellite, over the air, or any other traditional way, but as a download from usenet, that show is the final show I will ever watch of television. Television to me is a cancar, a death sentence, it sucks you in…then once you are glued to it's programming, it slowly starts to take control of your life. First using it's advertising to change your mind set that you must eat chips, drink pop, eat other junk food.


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